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 Always orientated towards various aspects of marketing,
I first worked as a freelance music journalist/photographer in the United States for 14 years.

I was constantly searching for innovative subject matter. I learned to successfully promote my work and was able to publish in various media supports.

Upon my return to France in 2003, I directed myself towards the marketing and press relations business.

I worked in the luxurious yachting industry promoting rentals and sales and later progressed to event organisation which was complemented by my previous experience as a journalist.

I'm versatile, always striving to achieve the highest levels of quality in my work, I am

lucky to have good people skills and I dedicate myself fully into what I do.

I can exercise my skills in any arena but I would also be interested in fields more in line with my interests:

(organic vegan food, cooking, nature and natural products, various sport activities, music, travels, reading)

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